TeamDraft Srt 2014

About Teamdraft

Teamdraft Srt™

 After just a short time of online racing when Ten Network™ came online, we determined there was a need for Teams, just as much as there is in the real racing world. This brought about Teamdraft in the late fall of 1998.  The team name was determined at that time as I was needing so much help for a drafting partner in the all night draft sessions at Dega on Ten™. 

Current Active Team members
Jeff Thomas
Les Turner
Kevin Kyle
Joseph Jordan
Wilbur Gildersleeve (honorary member)
David Holzwarth
every TDR member has at least one if not more season championship's wins

former members over the years
John Woolsey  retired
Butch Schoenbaum  retired
Mark Plank now in their own team HDRL
Terry McCuin now in their own team HDRL

We are currently locked with our 5 active members. We encourage everyone to get involved with a sim race team, as a group it provides for better setup and racing strategies and enhances the overall sim racing experience
best of luck both on and off the track